On the lookout, gentlemen, on giant two-wheeled machines, hide stormy characters behind their quiet ride, often witnessing violent events such as murder, extortion, drug smuggling, and more. Biker clubs are no longer just about passion for proper machines. Nowadays, it is a sophisticated network where everything is not just around the motorcycle.

At first glance, they act as regular biker clubs. They hold meetings, have rules, branches, their officials, treasurers, vice presidents, presidents. This enumeration, but all similarity ends. Clubs are proudly accused of offenders who are out of the law.

Hells Angels

is a legend among the clubs. The most famous club has been building its reputation since the early 40’s when it was founded in California. Nowadays it operates mainly in the US but has branches and activities in 31 other countries. According to the latest estimates, the club has 3600 members. With a large number of members, they can not all be taken as bullies, murderers or smugglers. However, the club is in the FBI’s viewfinder, which ranks them among the biggest violent and criminal clubs under the sun.

The last police record records 123 arrested members who should be responsible for attempted murder, first degree murder, drug trafficking, and more. It is hardly possible for the police to do this treatment if one of the members did not start cracking and did not break the absolute law of the gang.Hells-Angels-beat-Meredit-001


As the name suggests, it’s a group of Hispanic bikers. In 1969 the club founded Hispanic veterans who returned from the Vietnam War and were denied access to Hells Angels because of the racist law that goes into the criminal motorcycle industry. The club has less than 600 members and operates mostly in Southern California, but smaller branches are also in other US states, Canada, Mexico and Italy. Thanks to history, Hells Angels is the main enemy, and in 2002, the passion was full. After the shootout in Nevada, two members of hell angels and one Mongolian member were shot dead.


Other biker clubs that have harsh backgrounds and are among the most dangerous clubs on earth. Bandidos has 2400 members and has been operating since 1966. Pagans is one of the smallest clubs, yet it belongs to the category of the toughest clubs. Outlaws MCs have been around for years. The first mention of the club is recorded in 1935 and has since grown to all corners of the world.