Corporate governance does not look the same in every company. In some places they use mainly a diary and a phone, in others they have a lot of programs and try to manage everything with them. If you want to operate as a modern company, you need to have access to all the important data, keep track of everything and above all use only one tool – the ERP system. Using outdated methods or a large number of programs only adds to your workload, causing chaos and inefficiency. Running a business doesn’t have to be complicated, and you may find that you don’t even need that many people to run it if you choose the right solution.

AutomaticERP is a modern Open Source solution

AutomaticERP is the most advanced ERP system that is translated into 24 languages and enables you to manage your business efficiently. Many programs on the market have a lot of features that businesses don’t need and are just in the way. Many programs on the market have a lot of features that businesses don’t need and are just in the way. Our ERP system will be tailored to include only the features you need. It has a clear interface, divided into different entities depending on what you want to do, from invoicing to employee management or even advertising campaign management.

Not only you, but also all your employees can access the system. Your entire company can be connected through it. You can communicate with employees, send them other work and monitor their schedule to see how busy they are. You can assign them to projects and manage them in such a great way that you can see what their status is and how connected they are. Gantt charts help you keep track and you can display a lot of information in clear graphs. You can also use an email client, communicate with clients, have all the information you need listed with them and even create offers and send them newsletters. The program is so versatile that companies of all sizes and focuses use it. The great thing is that you can try it for free, visit the website and see how much it will benefit your business.