Guinness’s world record book has given a special respect to the largest living dog in the world and has been proudly enlisted in historical charts. The biggest dog in the world is Freddy, he is a German dog, who is 4 years old and when he stands on his hind legs, he measures a height of incredible 2.2 meters.

Negligible is not even the weight of a dog, Freddy weighs 92 pounds and his home is Essex in the UK. Freddy lives with her owner Claire and also with her sister Fleur, who is fortunately smaller than this giant. It is interesting to Freddy that he was very small as a puppy because he was not fed by his mother. Surprisingly, he eventually grew up in such dimensions. As you can guess, life with this giant pet is not honey. If his master likes him, he spends more than 10,000 pounds each year for food for his pet friends, or over 300 thousand crowns. Only Freddy himself dreams every day 0.5 kg of ground beef and 0.1 kg of stewed beef and liver. Freddy is very playful and, unfortunately, like a toy occasionally chooses furniture, the account is reported to have 26 twisted sofa.