Probably you already caught the madness that accompanies Black Friday. So what else to add? This is the beginning of the biggest shopping weekend of all time and was full of unbelievably profitable deals, cheap televisions and customers who literally went crazy about it. We chose the top 9/10 black Friday events that you can not come to!

In 1800, the term “Black Friday” was linked only to the fall of the stock market. For the first time, the term was used on September 24, 1869, when James Fisk and Jay Goul tried to dominate it and flooded the market with gold. This reduced the nominal value of money, and investors lost their wealth.

The predecessor of Black Friday was the Santa Claus march. At that time, the Thanksgiving show became a ritual part of the American holiday. But the very first one took place on 2 December 1905 in Canada. Santa came to her at the very end of the procession, which was a signal for the official start of the holidays. American trades took over this tradition and in 1924 the show was held in America. The procession was made by Macy’s employees, and there were also some zoo animals in Central Park.
Black Friday is the busiest day of the year not only for shoppers but also for plumbers. In all of its madness, it’s true according to CNN’s report that deals with buying and buying people, but someone has to put together the masses that are ravaged by collective madness.

A holiday to shoppers is an unwritten start Thanksgiving. From mid 19th to early 20th century, this day was held by the president last Thursday in November. But that changed in 1930, when it was the last day of the month. Traders were afraid that they would have shorter holidays and therefore asked the mayor that the holiday be held a week earlier. In 1941, Congress passed the final judgment. Since then, Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, giving shoppers the opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones for a week.

Once, the black Friday was called Good Friday. It has nothing to do with the Bible. According to the 1975 NY Times, the term Black Friday was a Philadelphian slang. Police and officials have frustrated how the road is clogged on this day, with poor traffic and smog. The term we know today was established for America only in 1990. Until that time, only Good Friday.

Black Friday declared the busiest day of the year. This was true until 2001. Originally, it was supposed to be the biggest shopping day, but it was essentially Saturday before Christmas. This changed with the date of this “holiday”.

Black Friday has spread to more than 15 countries around the world. It started so that the Canadians were afraid that all customers would take over America. So they started to make Black Friday too. Since then, this tradition has taken over in Great Britain, Brazil, India, France, Norway and many others.

In Mexico, he is referred to as El Buen Fin, which is something like a good weekend. It is actually the day that marks the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. That day coincides with the Thanksgiving Day in America.

In 2011 he broke the tradition of Black Friday Walmart. As? He opened his shop for Thanksgiving. Since then, retailers have entered the race with time to catch up with the times. Now, as many as 33 million Americans are shaking after their domestic traditions are over, so they can go shopping. This day they named Gray Thursday.

Maybe you will not find it so strange, but 12% of shoppers are on this day because of the excess of alcohol quite under the picture. Perhaps that is the eagerness or the stress of mass battles between the shelves? Hard to say. Anyway, we’d have a good time.