The signs of the zodiac can reveal many qualities about each of us. Although every person is unique, his sign can at least tell many important things. Today, however, we will not dissect the ordinary zodiac, but look at the animals that correspond to your zodiac in Australia. Then you can evaluate whether or not the properties are right for you.

Aries: You are a kangaroo red

You are a leader in life with a strong, heavily working personality who, thanks to a great deal of energy and independence, never surrenders. Despite the reserved work morals, you are entertaining and can please the people around you.

Taurus: You are the devil

You tend to be a bit stubborn, but thanks to your generous personality you are great friends. You are social, energetic, and you should occasionally find time to rest, best in nature.

Gemini: You are a multicolor lori

Your lively personality makes you a social and curious person who likes adventure. You always know how best to make others laugh and at the same time you are very sensitive.

Cancer: You are a Kangaroo quake

You are kind, full of love, and you can always fight for justice. You would never disappoint your friends or family. The center of the universe is for you the people that matter most to you.

Lion: You are a Kingfisher

Your excellent sense of humor makes you a natural entertainer. You are kind and generous, you are looking for fun and you are also pleased with the focus.

Virgo: You are a koala

You are independent, intelligent, attentive and patient. People often come to you for advice because they know they can rely on you. You are responsible and always thinking of a clean head.

Libra: You are a kangaroo

You are kind, peaceful and diplomatic. You will enjoy the first impression of your charming personality. You are naturally optimistic and challenging tasks do not make you trouble.

Scorpio: You’re an Emo

You are mysterious and very charismatic. Your strong aura makes you a great leader, and the others do not have a problem listening to you.

Sagittarius: You are a roe

You can live by the rules, but you are more keen on change and adventure. You are great thinkers, and you always seek a deeper sense of life. Your head is often in the clouds and you are also great friends.

Capricorn: You are a dog dingo

By nature, you are inventive and always find a way to get to the top. You have so many interesting ideas that your head is sometimes broken. You behave very responsibly and take seriously the discipline.

Aquarius: You are a pathopy

You can never completely extinguish your thirst for adventure, so you are always trying to find fun, new places and many new friends. You are kind and often do not take account of compliance.

Fish: You are a wombat

You have a mysterious spell, you are curious and very creative. She can rely on you, so you are perfect friends and your loved ones know they can always count on you.