DD Consultus is a consulting agency from Malta, specialized in high-level professional support for customers, and online gaming companies worldwide. Over the years, the company has managed to build a strong reputation, and currently, it managed to extend its services in several markets, such as United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Italy.

As the gambling industry is extending rapidly and moving in online more often than ever predicted, also the regulations in this industry have been adapted and every market comes with its own restrictions or benefits. Malta is one of the lucky markets where the gambling industry is very permissive, the taxes are low and the ITC infrastructure is extremely developed.

Professional support from a gambling consultant

If you consider opening a casino here, but do not have the necessary time and people to go through every step carefully, you might consider the services of a consultant from DD Consultus. A gambling consultant is ready to support you with his expertise and experience throughout the application process for a casino license Malta.

Payment Services Providers

Where necessary, the consultants from DD Consultants are ready to support with regards to obtaining a Financial Institution License and Electronic Money License and thus maintain the business under a very compliant framework.

Among the services which are normally controlled by the Financial Institutions Act and the Financial Institutions Rules, there are factoring, issuing means of payments, guarantees, and foreign exchange. If you intend to apply for a casino license Malta, you might have to deal as well with financial conditions, which would enable your business to be ready for any audit checks.

Incorporation of a company

If within your business plan you are also thinking of incorporation of a company, first of all, you should consider that it normally takes two working days and the minimum required share capital for merging is €1.165. The share capital is not bound to any currency. Taxation is quite a specific topic, as it is part of Malta’s double taxation treaty network and you might want to discuss it with your gaming consultant before the merge.

There should be at least two shareholders in any merging of companies and the companies should be registered in Malta. As far as the bank accounts are concerned, these are not bound to any rule. The same applies to exchange control, there are no restrictions regarding the transfer of funds from and to Malta worldwide.