The rainbow is a long strip of color that is shaped into an arc. It is formed by the reflection and refraction of the sun’s rays inside the drops. The main colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The colors are stored in memory by means of the mnemonic aid of Roy G. BIV – each letter represents one color in English.

These seven colors of the rainbow are just the foundation. The rainbow actually consists of a whole range of colors! Even from colors that still have not been understood by mankind. Each eye responds to the colors differently. The eyes differ in how they break the light, so one’s life is more colorful, some less.

It was Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered that the light on the prism divides light into individual colors. Newton named the component colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. Legend has it that Newton included an indigo color because he was convinced that the scale should include seven colors instead of six of religious sentiment.

Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow
When you look at the rainbow, you are actually looking at a certain reflection of the drops in the light. The person standing next to you sees something completely different. Every view of the rainbow is therefore absolutely unique!

The rainbow appears after it rains. In this case, the sun will always be behind your back and the rain before you, so the center of the arc of the rainbow is directly opposite the sun. It does not have to rain to see the rainbow, it can be seen even in the early hours by reflection from drops of dew, in a fog from a waterfall or when water is splashed out of the ocean.

Old European wisdom says that anyone who goes under the rainbow will change from man to woman and vice versa. The idea that at the end of each rainbow the treasure was born in old Europe. In a place called Silesia, it was said that golden angels were there, and only naked men would find it. Unfortunately, scientists say this is not true. But if you believe it, definitely do not stop!
Rainbow is a universal symbol of peace and harmony.

One teacher at school said he had crossed the end of the rainbow in the world and found no pot of gold at all, but it was very beautiful there. But he probably forgot to mention that it was just a dream. Unfortunately, we can never get it because the way the rainbow moves can only see your eyes, Rain drops move in the air. This means that while you get closer to the shower, you will still be able to see it as far as you decide to go.

Did you know that you can see the rainbow even at night? Moonlight can produce as much light as it creates a colored strip. It’s called lunar rainbow. They are very rare because the moonlight usually does not so bright. It needs to rain gently across the Moon. The sky must be very dark and the moon with respect to the earth at an angle of less than 42 degrees. If you put all these conditions together, it will happen that this is not a frequent phenomenon. You will not see it too much with the naked eye because it does not have enough color to activate. However, scientists of some colors saw when the moon was very clear.

When you see a rainbow from the ground, you see an arc of colors when you see it from the plane, you can see the whole circle! Just make sure the conditions are favorable and you look through the raindrops. Rainbow was also a children’s television show in the early 1990s. Some of you may recall this show.