Getting well with your partner’s parents is sometimes art. However, if you lose valuable points, you will be difficult to correct your reputation, and you will suffer a relationship with your dear half. If you want to be well with your parents, show how you treat your daughter with proper respect, avoid convulsions and do not confuse yourself with purely family matters.

The first rule is the basis of everything. Keep respect for your partner at any time and in every situation. By blowing out of your mouth the cheap jokes of its impudence just to lighten the whole situation. Bleaked tea, toasting for dinner or hours in front of the mirror are not the ideal theme for jokes in front of her parents.

Every parent has a unique relationship with her child and does not want to hear any notes about her child. If you forgive these notes and respect your girlfriend, then the first encounter is successful.ldZw00wTfJf_s742xn

The second rule is above all about the borders you have before her parents. Intimacy should only be in your apartment and you should definitely save her in front of her parents’ eyes. Although your parents like you, they do not mean they have 100% tolerance and want to see what’s going on behind the bedroom door. If you avoid the details, avoid unnecessary speech.

The third rule tells you to keep your distance when it is right. Do not comment on things that nobody asked. If they have a family dispute with their grandmother, black sheep or other problems, avoid any comment on the whole situation. Only speak when someone asks you for an opinion, and in that case be careful.

The last rule is nothing new, just like previous advice. Be natural and get ready in advance for a meeting. If you are nervous and calm about not putting science, tell it. Not only will you ease, but also get points for honesty. You’ll get more points if you know something about parenting in advance. Show interest and your parents will love you.