Scientific studies have shown that regular work breaks are essential to maintain productive and creative work. But you do not have to follow the old rules, which in today’s fast-paced world are difficult to pass. Come with us to go through great ideas on how to relax quickly without getting up from your computer. And no one needs to know about it…

Reflection, fun and relaxation

Come enjoy yourself and relax from the hard work. Take your mind away from your duties. Have fun and recharge your batteries with short quirks. Funny one liners are a great opportunity to sniff a moment. Have fun and rate your thumb up or down as you liked the short joke. Some jokes make you think, others bring a pleasant smile to your face.

Word toys have harvest!

Finally, the real relaxation! Jokes that are not only hilarious, but also cunning. Discover it for yourself! Puns are great word plays that definitely attract your attention and bring you the desired relaxation. Soon you will find that you are visiting this page more and more often and you will become one of the fun toys. A little bit of relaxation while online entertainment is the right moment to relax in the middle of the work process.

What a joke can do

Do you think that by reading the joke it ends? Footbridge error! A chemical reaction that sweeps through your entire body after reading a joke that has addressed you can do great wonders. Your body relieves stress and tension, naturally blood circulation to your tissues, eliminates the unpleasant feeling of stiffness, and last but not least, warms up beautifully. It has been proven that humor leads to increased labor productivity and confidence.
Set aside a little moment each day to read through the cheerful lines and warm up your body and soul.